Reward the Society
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In 2011, Sinopec has made positive contributions in a number of areas: building harmonious communities, disaster relief, poverty alleviation and aiding Tibet, health care, donation for education and supporting poor students, and helping to develop national sports and promoting health. In 2011, we donated a total of RMB 150 million. Sinopec was awarded the "China Philanthropy Prize" in 2011 and the "Special Prize for Brightness Service" in 2010 and 2011.

6.1 Community Building

Adhering to the philosophy of "localization, development upon surrounding advantages, and win-win cooperation", Sinopec has signed strategic cooperation agreement with a number of provinces and cities in 2011. Sinopec has actively participated and promoted local employment and company development. For example, some oilfield subsidiaries carried out activity of "Building harmonious and civilized community", made great efforts to create a safe, convenient, clean and beautiful environment and healthy cultural atmosphere for community residents, which was recognized by local government and people.

We have continuously supported domestic and international sports and cultural undertakings. In 2011, we arranged RMB 36 million for sports and cultural undertakings, including Paralympics and Peasants Sports Game in China and various IAAF sports games.

6.2 Aid Those in Need, Help Those in Difficulty

Aiding those in need and helping those in difficulty will improve the unity and harmony of the society. By 2011, Sinopec has carried out designated poverty alleviation program for 23 consecutive years, has implemented aiding program for Tibet for 9 years, and has sponsored Lifeline Express Project for 8 years. All these programs effectively improve the production and living condition of local people, and stimulate the economic growth of local society.In 2011, Sinopec also assisted the reconstruction of disaster-hit regions and drought-resistance in Guizhou Province.

◎ Assisting Porverty-Hit Counties

Sinopec has strengthened aids to the four state-designated poverty-hit counties including Yinshang and Yuexi counties in Anhui Province and Luxi and Fenghuang counties in Hunan Province, improving infrastructure construction, labor skill training and education. In 2011, Sinopec has invested RMB 12.8 million to the four designated counties, implementing 15 poverty relief projects. Those projects include building 11 cement roads connection villages, with a length of 52 kilometers, completion of 1800 labor forces training, aiding 1257 poor university and high school students, construction of bridges, drinking water projects and vegetable greenhouses.

◎ Aiding Tibet

Sinopec places great emphasis on and further strengthens the work of aiding Tibet. During the 9 years of Sinopec's aiding efforts to Bange County, we have sent 12 cadres to Bange, accumulatively invested RMB 184 million (RMB 27.86 million in 2011), implemented 80 aiding projects (9 in 2011), and significantly improve the Bange's economic growth and well-being of local people. In 2010, the GDP of Bange County reached RMB 314 million, increased by 147% compared with 2002 before the aiding efforts; the fiscal income reached RMB 6.13 million, grew by 308%, while the annual per capita income of herdsmen increased to RMB 3,515, up by 142%.

Infrastructure construction is the key to aiding-Tibet work. Jijiangzhaxi road and Xingfu road built by Sinopec are just like two jade belts going through the town of Bange County. A series of people-benefiting projects such as housing project have improved the living standard of herdsmen. By now, 5863 households have moved into safe and comfortable houses, while over 6000 households are equipped with safe and environmental-friendly solar lighting system. In addition, we helped to build places of recreation and Bange Sinopec Primary School for grade 4 to grade 6 students. So far, it is the highest aiding-Tibet primary school above sea level.

Training improves the local self-reliance capacity of poverty-hit regions. Sinopec carried out training focusing on competence development with market-orientation and special feature. With the combination of aids and self-development, we achieve better effects of the poverty alleviation work. In 2011, we invested RMB 500,000 for skill training of health care, education, veterinarian, and education of comprehensive development for government officials.

For long, Sinopec's aiding-Tibet efforts have been highly recognized by the society. Bata, Party Secretary of the Bange County, said: "in the recent 9 years, Sinopec's aids help Bange County to achieve fast and sound economic growth, improve well-being and living standard of the people, promote the development by leaps and bounds and long-term stability.

◎ Aiding Qinghai


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