Green and Low-Carbon Growth
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4.1 Green Operation

As a responsible energy and petrochemical company, we pay great attention to environmental protection. With a clean management system covering the whole process from production to consumption, we keep striving to achieve green growth and contribute to clear waters, green land and a blue sky.

In 2011, we signed responsibility documents of major pollutants discharge reduction target with the government and delegated the target among our subsidiaries. We also developed the 12th Five-Year Plan for Sinopec environmental protection work, which deploys key environment-related tasks in the future.

In 2011, we continued to improve environmental protection regulations and tighten environmental performance assessment. We carried out serious EIA for all projects, strictly followed the regulation that HSE facilities and the main project are synchronized in terms of design, construction and commissioning, and made major efforts in promoting clean production and comprehensive utilization of resources. Pollution control was intensified and positive outcome was achieved. Compared with last year, industrial effluent discharge dropped by 8.7%, on-spec rate of discharged waste water went up by 0.4 percentage points, and COD discharge fell by 16.9%. SO2, NOx and NHx emissions went down by 9.8%, 3.4% and 34.9% respectively.

◎ Clean Production and Pollution Reduced from the Source

Sinopec lays particular emphasis on clean production in the whole process and strives to control formation of pollutants from the source.

We continued to tighten control of potential environmental hazards. In 2011, Sinopec invested RMB 425 million for 125 potential hazard control projects. Key projects are those that aim at controlling oily sand, waste water in oil and gas production, aquifer pollution, biochemical sludge/bottom sludge/top scum, air pollution, water body risk and at improving environment monitoring system.

We continued to recover gasoline vapor. In 2011, we added gasoline vapor recovery facilities in four oil tank depots and 313 service stations. By far, we have done the same to 41 oil tank depots and 2,961 service stations in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Guangdong.

We intensified key technology R&D. We made a new round of efforts to integrate R&D capacities of the company, carried out fourwaste gas control projects and five flagship R&D projects focusing on waste water treatment. We made conspicuous progress in PO/SM waste gas control project. Odor control projects of refineries and chemical plants, FCC regenerator flue gas de-SOx, de-NOx and dust removal projects and waste water control projects of key plants are going on very well.

In 2011, we started a new round of clean production inspection and assessment of production subsidiaries including six tier-2 subsidiaries like Sinopec Qingdao Oil Refining & Chemical Company. By the end of 2011, 21 refining and chemical subsidiaries, or 52.5% of total in Sinopec, passed the inspection.

◎ Making Clean Products and Reducing Pollution in Consumption

We also pay high attention to making clean products, and discharging fewer pollutants in downstream business and consumption.

Steady improvement has been made in oil product quality upgrading. All gasoline products met GB III standards in 2010. Since July 1st, 2011, Sinopec has started to supply the diesel products on GB III standards.

◎ Three Wastes Treatment Improved and Emission/Discharge Standards Met


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