Health Safety & Environment
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Sinopec attaches great importance to its employees' health and guides all its subsidiaries to conduct occupational health work in conformity with the Law of the People's Republic of China on the Prevention and Control of Occupational Diseases as well as the Regulations on Occupational Health of Sinopec Corp. All its branch companies and affiliates have established occupational health administrations and service organizations. In 2008, complying with the Law on the Prevention and Control of Occupational Diseases, the Company comprehensively implemented the HSE management system, adhered to the principle of "people as top priority". Site detection and monitor for potential hazardous materials exposure were intensified; such occupational health management regulations as “Regulations on Employee Hearing Protection Management” , “Regulations on High Temperature Operation Management”, "Regulations on High Toxics Prevention and Protection Management", "Regulations on H2S Prevention and Protection Management”, "Regulations on Radioactive Prevention and Protection Management" have been amended; tremendous efforts have been made towards occupational disease analysis, public health monitoring and occupational health supervision. The Company is making every effort to improve working conditions, guarantee employees' health, create harmony in petrochemical industry and implement sustainable development.

In 2009, Sinopec Corp. will earnestly implement the Law on the Prevention and Control of Occupational Diseases, comply with the principle of "putting people first", enforce monitoring supervision and provide relevant technical services so as to improve the occupational health work and achieve the health work target.


Safe production is Sinopec's top priority. Implementing the policy of "Safety First, Prevention Foremost, All Involvement and Comprehensive Control" as well as upholding the principle focusing on all stuff involvement, whole process, all positions and around the clock, Sinopec practices an integrated health, safety and environmental protection (HSE) management. The Company's HSE objectives are to seek zero incidents, no harm to health or deterioration of environment, so as to achieve world-class HSE performance". All subsidiaries execute total HSE management system according to the Company's guidance; make every effort to ensure sufficient deployment of personnel, funds and facilities to set up an effective mechanism, thus achieving stable and safe operations.

Sinopec Corp. has a sound safety management system. HSE Department in the headquarters is responsible for safety supervision and management. All business units and management divisions have HSE management organizations or positions. HSE branches have been established in every production subsidiary and all major facilities have designated safety engineers. The Company has also formulated a responsibility system of safe production which is strictly implemented and examined.

The Company has set up a comprehensive set of safety regulations which has been continuously improved so that each position has its rules to follow. For operation sites with high risks, a work permit system and safety identification system have been set up. A safety inspection network has been established and different levels of general and specific safety inspections have been conscientiously carried out. National safety pre-assessment mechanism is strictly followed: engineering, construction and operation of safety facilities, fire-fighting facilities and occupational health devices are required to be established in parallel with the key processing facilities for all grass-root, revamping and expansion projects.

Sinopec Corp. makes every effort to manage hidden perils and to create a safe production environment. The Company conducts risk evaluation to eliminate hidden safety perils from existing plants, facilities and utilities. In 2008, the Company invested RMB 1.838 billion in 739 projects to tackle hidden perils, which guaranteed safe operation.

The Company strengthens safety monitoring on key production facilities and vital units. Owing to the tailor-made major accident prevention measures and emergency response plans at various levels, together with emergency response drill, the Company's emergency handling capability has been further improved.

The Company's overall safety guidelines for 2009 is to adopt the scientific outlook on development, uphold the principle of "Safety First, Prevention Foremost, Comprehensive Management and People First". Activities with the theme “I want safe production” need to be further carried out and the “Safe Production Ban” needs to be seriously implemented in details. Efforts shall be made to intensify trainings on safety production, to improve regulation and accountability system and to lay a solid foundation for safe production. Furthermore, the Company will enhance HSE management in an all-round way to achieve an even better HSE perform.

Environmental Protection

Sinopec Corp. is dedicated to operate in strict compliance with national laws, rules and regulations, standards and policies, adopting Scientific outlook on development, practicing a sustainable growth strategy and pursuing coordinated economic and ecological development to deliver our promises to the public. Upholding the principle of "Prevention Foremost, People First", the Company commits itself to enforcing HSE management system and conducting clean production in a broad and extensive manner. In order to fulfill its corporate social responsibilities, the Company provides safe and environment-friendly products with premium quality and sets up a good corporate

In 2008, Sinopec carries out environmental protection at detailed production processes and fulfill environmental protection responsibilities at different levels in accordance with environmental protection highlights in HSE management system. The environmental protection management system is further improved by revising the "Prevention and Control Regulations on Oil & Gas Drilling and Operational Environment Pollution". We also conducted a systemic survey on pollution sources and propose further pollution reduction measures and R&D debottlenecking methods for key pollution treatment. Sinopec manage to enhance environment protection management and put under effective control major pollution sources by stepping up efforts in personnel qualification training, strengthening environmental protection management for construction projects and conducting environmental protection and treatment with specific key points. Total pollutant emission has been decreasing, with the total volume of pollutants in discharged waste water reduced by 4.3%.

Sinopec continues to implement clean production in an active manner. As the country are making great efforts to reduce energy consumption and pollution emission, the company revise the "Clean Production Specifications for Refineries", which ensures a constantly improved clean production. Review and evaluation work for clean production is further carried out, giving an impetus to enterprises’ environmental protection. The clean production order is established with enhanced clean level and the source of pollution is gradually under containment through implementing internal charging system for waste emission and adopting clean production technologies.

Sinopec incorporated the concept of circular economy into production and promoted energy conservation, consumption reduction, water-saving and pollution-minimizing technologies throughout the whole process of production and operation. Comprehensive utilization of "three wastes" was actively implemented to enhance resource utilization efficiency. Through the application of water conservation and discharge reduction technologies, the Company strengthened management on the use of industry water, intensified checks on water consumption, and emphasized water reuse and multi-level usage. While the plant utilization rate increased significantly, the Company's industry fresh water consumption dropped by 3.6% year on year.

Sinopec attaches great importance to water pollution control. All subsidiaries are required to identify hazards and amend, supplement and standardize the emergency plans of water pollution control with emergency plan drills, equip themselves with materials for emergency use. The subsidiaries' ability of dealing with emergency has been further improved.

In 2008, Sinopec actively answers the call of the nation on guaranteeing urban air quality of the Olympic hosting cities, conscientiously implement emission reduction measures. To be specific, Beijing Petroleum Co., Tianjin Petroleum Co. and Hebei Petroleum Co. carry out oil & gas recycling and treatment in oil tankers and service stations while Yanshan Petrochemical and Oriental Petrochemical implement all round air pollution treatment measures. As a result, Sinopec Corp. wins accolades from the Ministry of Environmental Protection by making positive contributions to ensure a success of the Olympics.

By the end of "11th Five-year Plan" period, Sinopec will adopt scientific outlook on development as a guideline, materialize the environmental protection target outlined in the "11th Five-year Plan", aiming to achieve environmental protection and constant emission reduction, promote clean production in an all-round way, strengthen pollution control and develop circular economy to become a resource-efficient and environment-friendly company.

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