Premium Customer Services
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2.1 Diversified Products, Colorful Life

Sinopec's products include natural resources like crude oil and natural gas, refined oil products like gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, lubricant, bitumen and thousands of other petrochemical products. Some of these products are used in our everyday lives and some are materials used in construction, transportation, pharmaceutical, agriculture and the aerospace industry. Together we are building our beautiful home.

In order to make the full use of petroleum and petrochemical products and better serve the customers, Sinopec has been consistently seeking technological breakthroughs, researching and developing new products, broadening product functions and boosting the upgrading of relevant downstream industries through the optimization of the Company's own product mix and the upgrading of its own industrial structures. In the past five years, Sinopec has been continuously pushing for products' quality improvement and has launched high-end gasoline products ahead of its industry peers into the market; over ten new synthetic resin products have been launched every year;the output and proportion of synthetic resin compounds has continuously increased; and the differentiation rate of chemical fibers has continuously increased to over 63%.

2.2 Leading Quality, Common Growth

Sinopec always regards the product quality as the life of the enterprise and strives to ensure the high quality and sufficient quantity of its products through strict management. At the same time, Sinopec has never been satisfied with its past success in quality management and under the guidance of "Being a leader in quality management", the Company perseveres in strengthening scientific research and improving the system and services, in order to become a leader in quality and grow with the customers.

◎Improving the Quality Assurance System

In 2011, Sinopec revised and published the new "Quality Management Measures" and "Quality-related Accident Management Regulation", adding relevant regulations and the detailed quality management methods with clearly defined rights and responsibility.

Strengthen the quality-oriented mindset and incorporate quality,goal and social responsibility into the corporate culture.

Intensify efforts in training and increase the accuracy in quantitative and quality data.

Regulate accident management and require timely report, investigation and settlement of quality-related accidents.

◎ Seeking Leading Quality

On the basis of improving quality assurance system, ensuring good quality and sufficient quantity, Sinopec keeps up with the development of the economy, society and relevant sectors, fully utilizes its comprehensive strength, strengthens the external cooperation, continuously develops better products and grows together with the customers.

2.3 Providing Caring Services

Sinopec adheres to the management principle of "meeting customer demands and creating value for customers" and consistently improves the service system, innovates in the service model, raises the service standard and creates higher value for the customers.


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