Care for Employees
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The sustainable development of Sinopec is supported by the united, dedicated, pragmatic and innovative employees, who are the inexhaustible driving force to forge Sinopec into a "highly responsible and highly respected" corporate citizen. In 2011, Sinopec had 690,000 employees with the turnover rate of 0.91%, while over 5351 fresh graduates joined the Sinopec family.

5.1 Hand in Hand, We Share Rights and Respect

We strictly adhere to international and domestic conventions, laws and regulations, respect and safeguard all human rights recognized by international community, consciously resist the disregard or violation of human rights. Meanwhile, we actively advocate that our partners, suppliers and contractors should be in compliance with relevant regulations.

◎ Equality: Different Eyes, Same World

Sinopec strictly complys with laws and regulations relative to labor and employment, treats different type of employees on an equal footing, standardizes labor and employment management, actively establishes harmonious and stable labor relations. We actively promote and improve collective bargaining mechanism, which covers all staff; based on the principal of "equal, voluntary, and concensus", the company has signed written labor contract with each employee; the company has established "five insurance,one fund" system, of which the insurance rate and contribution rate both reach 100%; the company also continues to improve the enterprise annuity system, which covers all the employees. In 2011, we carried out examination and evaluation for labor and employment management, organized comprehensive self-check of all subsidiaries, and selected some subsidiaries for detailed examination. At the same time, we adjusted the contracted workers' employment format, transfered those best qualified contracted workers to formal employees, established long-term mechanism, and further reinforced the standardized management of different types of employment.

Sinopec female employees are working in different levels and various positions. We strictly stick to the laws and regulations on female employees, safeguard their rights and interests from the source. We establish Women's Committee in different levels of union, pay close attention to the difficulties female employees meet in their work and life, continue to improve their working condition, implement vacation and regular health inspection mechanism during the maternal and lactation period, care the physical and mental health of female employees.

◎ Health: Physical and Mental Pleasure, Feeling Happy to Work

Only if people are healthy, could they have time and resources to pursue happiness and other forms of self-improvement. Physical and mental health of employees is not only basic personal rights and interests, but also the source and foundation of Sinopec's development. For long, we continue to enhance the health and welfare of employees including physical and mental health.

Aiming at enhancing and maintaining employees' good health condition, we always try to reduce the negative effects of working environment to our employees. We control the occupational health hazards from the source through monitoring occupational health hazards at working places, monitoring employees' occupational health, providing labor protection articles, offering occupational health education and training, etc.

We earnestly implemented the medical check-up, employee health archive management, health care and vacation systems. Over 340,000 persons had medical check-ups. 98.8% employees had occupational health check. The supervision rate for occupational hazards maintained at above 92%. There has been no such acute occupational poisoning accident as incurring on more than 3 persons. There were five new occupational disease cases. The morbidity was controlled below 0.002%.

Active and stable mental state is the basic pre-condition for employees to work happily. We not only care about the working efficiency of employees, but care more about their happiness. In 2011, through psychological consultation, establishment of health records, health lectures, guidance materials, etc., we reinforced humane care and psychological counseling so as to achieve the goal of "Active working, Happy life".

◎ Communication: Listening and Understanding, Starting from the Heart

We stick to the protection of employees' democratic rights and interests, make full play of employees' democratic management and supervision, and actively create a fair, democratic, pragematic, harmonious environment. With all the employees joining in the Union, we let employees fully understand the corporate development and participate in the corporate management through employees' representative conference, open business, petition system. In this way, we protect the employees' right to know and right of supervision.

5.2 We Care about Employees' Development


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