Environment & Society

Human Rights


The Company complies with laws and regulations on human rights protection, Chinese Human Rights Action Plan and International Human Rights Conventions, resists any acts of disregard or abuse of human rights. We prohibit child labour by strictly obeying related legal requirements of prohibition of child labour in countries and regions where we operate; we respect employees’ right of personal freedom and right to leave and oppose forced labour; we respect rights and interests of female employees and minor nationalities and strictly prohibit any form of discrimination due to gender, region, religion belief, nationality, etc.; we promote employment, value common development with employees and provide necessary resources and favorable working environment for our employees to realise their career development according to related laws and regulations such as Labor Law and local rules; we safeguard employees' rights and interests, strengthen social security and consultation, and provide employees decent work condition.


Employee protection

? Sinopec Corp. adheres to the principle of equal consultation. Concerning the issues on the basic rights and interests of employees, such as labour reward, rest and vacation, social insurance and safety protection, the trade union consults with the relevant departments on the basis of extensive consultation with the representatives of employees, and finally the Workers' Congress deliberates and determines the issues.

? We guarantee the right of normal work, rest and vacation of employees, and create a warm, healthy, green and safe working environment for them.

? We enhance the development of a better salary and welfare security system and build diversified incentive system for promoting decent work.

? We value the construction of a diversified workplace and establish the female employees' committee under the Labour Union to strengthen work safety protection and care for their physical and mental health.

Occupational health

We position the health of employees in the core of corporate development, and set the goals of "zero injury", "all dust and poison concentration in the workplace should be up to the standards" and so on. We integrate our health management resources to promote the integrated management of occupational health, physical health and mental health of employees on the basis of occupational disease prevention and control.


Career development

We firmly committed to a new talent development philosophy and implement overall design on the staff training based on the requirements of strategic deployment and long-term development for the capability of employees

? We focus on all kinds of talent teams building, talent growth channels building and establishment of talent selection and evaluation mechanism and also provide targeted training for managers, technical experts and skilled operators.

? Targeting the talents and personnel with doctor degree introduced in recent three years, we carried out comprehensive ability training experimental classes and innovative ability training experimental classes.

? The headquarters of Sinopec Corp. has first tried to implement the "talents introduction policy" from the top 30 universities in the world. According to each graduate's major, characteristics and development goals, we formulated a personalised and systematic training program.

? The online course of Sinopec Online Academy (distance training platform) has been developed,providing online learning opportunities for employees.


Community development

? With principles of “integrity, standardised operations, win-win cooperation, serving the local communities and making contributions to local economy”, Sinopec Corp. continuously promotes local social and economic development by investment, tax contribution, providing job opportunities and domestic procurement etc. In 2018, we paid RMB 324.6billion of taxes to the State and invested RMB 6.664 billion to boost the development of local community, culture, education and healthcare so as to improve people’s livelihood.

? The employees’ localisation rate of joint venture Mansarovar Energy Colombia Ltd. reached 98% and domestic procurement rate reached 89%. Tax paid by subsidiaries of CIR projects was nearly USD 230 million, and the proportion of localised employees exceeded over 98% on average.

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