Environment & Society

Intelligent Operation

? We actively deepen the integration of industrialisation and informatisation, and promote informatisation through building intelligent factories, intelligent oil & gas fields, intelligent pipelines, intelligent service stations, and e-commerce platforms such as EPEC and Sinopec Chememall.

? According to the informatisation development plan of Sinopec Corp., we will establish 10 intelligent factories by 2020 and build “three clouds” by 2023, i.e. management, manufacturing and service, so as to support the upgrading of the intelligent manufacturing in the whole industry chain, to promote the new commercial forms development of trade, logistics and finance, and to improve the precise management level.


Digital management

? The Sinopec scientific research knowledge management system was built and launched to build a 10 million-node exploration and development knowledge map, thus improving the efficiency of scientific research and innovation.

? We promote the construction of production informatisation and Sinopec E&P Business Cooperation Platform (EPBP) in oilfield enterprises. Moreover, we have realised unattended production sites of oil wells and station warehouses, and achieved real-time monitoring, automatic warning and remote control of oil & gas production operation management.

? In refining and chemical subsidiaries, we promote the systems of operation management, process management and large unit management, etc., which improved collaborative production and lean management.

? Relying on the industrial foundation, we build the EPEC industrial product e-commerce platform and the Sinopec Chememall chemical product sales platform, thus promoting vertical and horizontal integration between industries, between enterprises, and between enterprises and industries.


Intelligent plants

From 2015 to 2018, five subsidiaries including SINOPEC Jiujiang, SINOPEC Zhenhai, SINOPEC Maoming, Puguang Gas Field and SINOPEC Shanghai were awarded as the state-level intelligent manufacturing demonstration pilots. Sinopec Corp. has taken the lead to build intelligent factories in terms of intelligent manufacturing of process industry. The production management command certres (PMCC) in the plants helped realise real-time online monitoring points, quality analysis monitoring points and video surveillance points, integrate real-time data of processes, and also realise digital management and predictive maintenance of equipment, thus improving the management in safety and environmental protection.


Intelligent pipeline

We have developed Sinopec Intelligent Pipeline Management System, the first corporate-level pipeline management system in China. The underground pipelines and station depots can be visualised from multiple dimensions by technical means such as three-dimensional modeling, panoramic imagery and video surveillance, realising the functions covering assignment of inspection tasks, incident reporting, monitoring of inspection personnel, analysis of hidden hazards, automatically labelling relevant emergency resource information under emergency conditions, as well as automatically correlating information of the pipeline on accident points and its surrounding environment. The system can cover all data of the 34,000 km pipeline.


Intelligent service stations

? We actively advance the construction of intelligent service stations, leverage internet technologies such as big data, cloud computing, mobile payment, and the Internet of Things (IoT) to build comprehensive service stations that serve people, vehicles and life, apply the equipment automation, business digitalisation, and intelligent service in the stations to facilitate the transformation of the service station from traditional single-purpose oil product sales to a service station system project with comprehensive service resource integration.

? We have established pilot stations in Beijing, Tianjin, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Hunan and Guangdong, etc., and gradually introduce the mature functions of pilot stations (convenient payment, self-service equipment, unified marketing management, etc.) to service stations.

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