Environment & Society

Community communication

?  We communicate with local residents during the operation process and listen to their opinions about the possible impact on environment of the project. In 2018, all the major construction projects including E’ancang gas pipeline project, West Sichuan Gas Field capacity construction project, SINOPEC Zhenhai expansion project, etc., were conducted environmental impact assessment. We solicited public opinion by disclosing the assessment reports with local communities on newspapers, online notice, announcements and questionnaires, and submitted the feedback on the website of national environmental protection authorities. All construction projects won support from local residents.

? We continue to carry out the “Public Open Day” activities and the community residents, students, experts, media representatives and government agencies are invited to visit local enterprises. We have built a petroleum knowledge base to promote public understanding of Sinopec Corp. and eliminate the public's misunderstanding of petrochemical enterprises.

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