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Value Chain

Establishing credit system

? We strengthen the development of credibility system by optimising supplier qualification review and dynamic mechanism of suppliers’ performance evaluation, and increasing penalties for defaults. More specifically, the quality assurance accounts for 15-30% of the total score of the review and evaluation, and after-sale service accounts for 5-10% of the total score, which helps suppliers improve quality constantly. By the end of 2018, 20,319 suppliers passed qualification review. We signed strategic cooperation agreements with suppliers of advanced technology, excellent performance and good social responsibility contribution.

? In contractor management, we have formulated the Management Measures for the Construction Project Market Creditability System of Sinopec Corp., and built a supervision and management platform for the tendering and bidding of our projects construction. We strengthen the assessment of the creditability system, and the contractors who violate the regulations shall be punished by suspending bidding, questioning, warning or blacklisting, etc.


Capability of Safety & Environmental Protection

? In supplier management, we improve supplier on-site qualification criteria, define HSE evaluation contents, and integrate ISO 14000 and ISO 18000 accreditation, establishment of emergency management system for safe production and labour protection measures, and emissions and waste disposal into the standards of review. We also increase the scoring weight of health, safety and environmental management in on-site evaluation. We hold supplier trainings regularly to publicize Sinopec requirements on environmental protection and safety management.

? In contractor management, we have formulated the Management Measures for Performance Assessment of Construction Projects, in which HSE (including safety management, environmental protection and occupational health of contractors) assessment score of projects accounts for 25%. The “one-vote veto” system is adopted and the corresponding stage, and annual performance of projects with major accidents in safety and environment will be evaluated as zero.


Quality and service improvement

? We strive to practice the quality goals of “quality first and quantity sufficient, customer satisfaction”.

? Sinopec Marketing Company establishes the quality management system aligned with GB/ T19001 standards. We build risk prevention system to eliminate quality risk from procuring external refined oil and set up the quality assessment mechanism and a negative list. For the suppliers which provide stable quality products, we optimise the quality assessment process. SINOPEC Lubricant has established a quality management system integrating different industries standards based on ISO 9001 so as to meet the product and service specific requirements of customers from different industries and the company won the national honor of “Star of Integrity” from Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee and National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC).


Customers’ privacy protection

We attach importance to the protection of customer privacy. For the online business hall of fuel card, refined oil e-commerce website, wechat marketing platform and other internet applications, we carry out screening and identification of risks and hidden hazards, and eradicate network security accidents. We also improve the maintenance function of customer information, and entrust the Information Security Level Protection Evaluation Centre of the third party to conduct data security evaluation on major information systems.


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